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Report on Congress: News from ABRALIC – the Brazilian Association of Comparative Literature

The Brazilian Association of Comparative Literature (ABRALIC) held its 17th Congress in 2020 in the southern city of Porto Alegre, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. This was the third time that ABRALIC´s Congress took place in the state major university, the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul as the Association has had three presidents from this university (1988-2000, 2002-2004 and 2020-2022). ABRALIC was founded in Porto Alegre in 1986 during the Latin American Seminar of Comparative Literature under the leadership of the late Professor Dr Tania Franco Carvalhal. Two years later, the first Congress of ABRALIC was held under the presidency of Prof. Carvalhal. On completing its 32 years of existence, the Board, under the leadership of Professors Gerson Neumann and Andrei Santos Cunha, faced the challenge of organizing a congress online. With the theme "Transdisciplinary Dialogues: Literature, Human Sciences, Culture and Technology", the activities started with an opening lecture by our guest speaker, Prof Dr. Waïl S. Hassan, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The program consisted of 16 round tables and 66 symposiums distributed along the last four months of 2020. The main conference and the papers presented in the symposia and round tables as well as the 44 posters from undergraduate students from different parts of the country who gave short presentations of their research are available at: The association's homepage is at The journal, which has been running periodically since 1991, can be accessed at:

(AILC-ICLA NEWSLETTER No. 6 ~ 22 January/ janvier 2021)
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